Adoption Process

Are you searching for a new member of your family?

You’ve come to the right place! Our adoption Coordinators will assist you in finding the perfect match. Even if you don’t have a particular animal in mind fill out the adoption application so we can pre-approve you for adoption. When you find the perfect match you’ll be ready!

01. Complete the Adoption Application.

The link is right below. If you have your eye on a specific animal please list their names on the application.

Once your application is reviewed you will hear from one of our adoption coordinators.

They typically respond within 24 hours, so look for our call or e-mail!

02. Phone Contact

You will be contacted by an adoption coordinator.

They will either perform an initial phone screening to discuss your needs/wants with your next pet as well as how your new family member will fit into your lifestyle, or they will schedule a mutually agreed upon time for the phone screening.

03. Past Check

Our adoption coordinators do a vet check on past or present animals in your household to ensure they are up to date on their medical needs.

If you rent we will check with your landlord for any rules on pets in the household.

We will then conduct a home visit to ensure a safe environment for you and your new pet!

04. Choose Your Pet

If you have your eye on an available specific pet and we get to this stage you will be approved for adoption!

If you don’t have your new family member selected yet we will put you into pre-approved status.

Meaning you won’t have to undergo the process of waiting when you find your perfect match!

05. Final Steps

When you’re ready to pick up your new rescue there are some things we require.

1. Adoption Fee Paid in Full
2. Collar
3. ID Tag
4. Leash